Zuelke & Associates
Phone: 503.723.0200

Christopher K. Klein, DMD, MS

Mt. Vernon, IL
“I have used many dental consultants over 25 years and I can honestly say that Z&A has had by far the most dramatic positive impact on my practice.  I enjoy having a financially healthy practice because it affects every other aspect of both my practice and my life.”

Marsha Schewe, TC

Darrell E. Schmidt, DDS

Rhinelander, WI
“Before signing on with Zuelke & Associates our patient delinquency was at 21%. By using their techniques we have dropped our delinquencies to a healthy 3%, increased case acceptance and increased profitability. The support system they have developed is remarkable. We will continue to recommend them to other practices.”

Jesse B. Ehrlich, DDS

Nitin Sallapudi, DDS

Venice, FL
“For more than 20 years we have relied on Zuelke & Associates to provide us with timely and accurate advice. Their consistent approach to credit management has helped us to achieve excellent delinquency control and continues to be a cornerstone of our practice.”

Tim A. Auger, DMD

Monterey, CA
“I was lucky enough to join a practice that had been working with Zuelke & Associates for over 5 years. I have been with him for the past 17 years. My financial parameters have remained fantastic through both economic booms and the current recession. Being able to capture an accurate snapshot of how your practice is performing at any time and then use that information to project and plan for the future is an essential tool for any practice that wants to maintain financial health. If you offer contracts and financing to your patients, you need to have Paul’s systems in place.”

Gregory A. Hack, DDS

Waterford, CT
“We have found our relationship with Zuelke & Associates to be tremendously valuable. Paul and his team have taught us excellent and straightforward systems for managing our collections and financial data. These systems have enabled us not only to form excellent financial ‘relationships’ with our patients, but also to extend this goodwill to improved patient compliance and treatment success.  It’s not just about the money!”

Karen Payne, FC

Alton Bishop, DDS, MSD

Edwards, CO
“I have worked with Paul and Betty Zuelke for 26 years. I would venture to say that they have increased my income by 20% per year since the first year that we engaged them. Our past dues have always been extremely low and our stress level has been much lower due to the high quality of patients that their systems attract. They have also given us great advice in the area of personnel management, marketing, practice partnerships and practice sales. I couldn’t imagine practicing orthodontics without them!”

T. Dean Walker, DDS, MS

San Luis Obispo, CA
“I am very glad I was introduced to Paul, Zuelke & Associates, early in my career. His financial systems and fantastic team support are the foundation upon which we have built the practice. Over a decade later we continue to work with their team. I am repeatedly amazed at Paul’s pinpoint accuracy in interpreting practice “numbers” and directing us in the most effective course of action. I highly recommend Zuelke and Associates.”

Chuck Wear, DDS

Santa Rosa, CA
“Our practice has been a client of Zuelke & Associates for over 20 years.  During that time, Paul’s systems and advice have been paramount to the well being and financial stability of our practice.  When the economy is difficult for our patients, we remain confident we are guided by effective policies allowing us to provide the care they seek.”

Julie Rognon, FC

Bill Dischinger, DMD

Terry G. Dischinger, DDS

Lake Oswego, OR
“I’ve been using the Zuelke system daily for more than a decade. I know that when I follow Zuelke principles I’m doing my job correctly and maintaining a healthy relationship with our patients. My three favorite things about Zuelke are: phone support for immediate, individualized questions; the delinquency management system which keeps our delinquency exceptionally low; and the straight forward Zuelke handbook which offers a sure guide to success. Thank you Zuelke Team!”

Brenda K. Stenftenagel, DDS, MSD

Portage, IN
“Using Paul Zuelke and staff has been one of my best practice decisions I have ever made. Making your staff report to someone else is a practice management no-brainer. It keeps everyone on their toes. It’s helped my practice get throught the hard times too!”

Brent L. Harris, DDS, MS

Cambridge, OH
“Paul Zuelke is true to his word. His advice is consistently on target and has broadened my understanding of where the practice is financially.”

Aron Dellinger, DDS, MSD

Fort Wayne, IN
“I can always count on pertinent input and efficient response to our practice needs. Your contribution to our practice has predictably improved profitability and the quality of relationship between staff, doctors, and clients alike.”

Pat DiCiccio, DDS, MS

Fresno, CA
“I am a big believer in systems to organize all the administrative, clinical, marketing, and human resource functions of our practice. We have been using Paul’s financial systems for close to a decade and in that time our practice has more than doubled in size, case acceptance rates are higher, and our patient/insurance accounts are in better shape today, with fewer man hours necessary to manage the accounts, than when we first hired his company. Whenever I’m asked by a group of orthodontists if there is one system in our office I would refuse to practice without, the answer is unequivocally, Paul Zuelke’s financial management protocols. Paul and his staff have without question delivered exactly what was promised and hiring them was one of the best decisions I have ever made for our practice.”