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Case Start Tracking Forms:
Cash flow in an orthodontic office is primarily determined by the terms of the average financial arrangement. We have rarely been in a practice where the doctor or staff knew, with any degree of certainty, what the average financial arrangement actually was. Accordingly, we developed two “Case Start Tracking” documents (one for “A” patients and one for “B” and “C” patients).

Every time a case is started, the details of the start, the name, credit rating, case fee, type of case, and the specific terms of the financial agreement are noted on the appropriate document. Any time cash flow is weak (too few paids in full, down payments too low, contract lengths too long) or too strong (excessive paids-in-full, down payments too high, contract lengths too short) the source of the problem can be determined by reviewing these monitors. The monitors are also a wonderful tool to confirm the staff is following the “rules” regarding credit limits.

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Practice Monitor Form:
Month end reports, as generated by your practice accounting system, are not the most effective method of tracking your practice performance. Because those reports are cumbersome and difficult to interpret, and because you normally must search out two or three separate reports to obtain adequate information, most doctors do not give this information the attention it deserves.

The purpose of a Practice Monitor is to review performance and to spot trends early. Positive information is identified for purposes of acknowledgment, bonuses, etc. Downward trends in performance, in many different areas, can be noted so corrective action can be taken before the trend causes any serious trouble for the practice.

The Practice Monitor, when properly completed, will give you the most basic, but also the most useful, information regarding the health of your practice, specifically in the area of credit management. Properly reviewed and understood, this single page document will show you the most recent month’s performance as well as, for comparison purposes, the performance for the most recent past months.

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