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Support: The Real Difference

Phone support gives our clients and their staff the opportunity to touch bases with us and verify that they are on track with the systems recommended during the original consultation. The doctor, financial coordinator and administrative staff know they have a support system and that they are not “alone.”

A wide range of questions are asked daily. Issues have included: rating patients, the patient history form, understanding credit reports, bankruptcy; handling delinquent accounts, how to proceed with collections by phone and letter, discontinuing treatment and dismissing patients; insurance claims and follow-up; getting accounts receivables to balance monthly, reporting accurate figures for tracking, discussing goals; previously mishandled accounts; divorced parents, responsibility for accounts; and employee issues such as embezzlement and bonus systems. The type of question asked often helps us identify major problems or barriers that are preventing effective implementation of our system.

Our objective in phone support is to not only answer specific dental practice management questions, but to educate our clients about how to apply this knowledge to other similar situations in the practice.

At four month intervals, we will schedule a conference call with you to analyze practice performance and your results to date.