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Telephone Collection Techniques

Telephone Collection Techniques

By Paul D. Zuelke

We have produced a 45-minute CD that covers the details of effective telephone collection techniques. This CD has sample phone calls and presents sample situations where appropriate verbal skills are used to collect past-due accounts. The CD teaches a highly effective technique of telephone collection activity that you have probably not been exposed to in the past. It is an excellent training aid for your Financial Coordinator or any staff person responsible for delinquency control.

Quality Marketing for Quality Patients

Quality Marketing for Quality Patients

By Paul D. Zuelke & Betty Zuelke

Zuelke & Associates and Betty Zuelke have teamed up to create this remarkable book that is full of marketing ideas you can immediately begin to implement in your practice. Focus your efforts in the direction that will bring quality patients that can and will say “Yes” to the individual treatment plan presented.

  • Understand the difference between Advertising and Marketing
  • Create a “master plan” for Marketing
  • Educate your patients that orthodontic care can be an enjoyable and affordable experience that will fit into their life!
  • Verbal skills to ask for referrals
  • 200+ individual ideas and systems that will lead you in the right direction
  • Detailed Job Description for the Marketing Coordinator
  • Sample letters (included on a CD) to bring New Patients through the door
  • Create an environment where young Pre-Orthodontic Guidance patients can establish a lasting relationship with your practice