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Orthodontic Consultation: Overview

Our experience has been that few orthodontic practices have a highly organized and efficient system of identifying credit risk, selling their case, and granting credit in the most appropriate manner. In addition, orthodontic practices have a difficult time establishing “systems” which ensure each patient is handled appropriately, the bookkeeping and other administrative procedures surrounding the patient are handled appropriately, and that each patient pays appropriately for the orthodontic care he has received.

Our in-office visits and the significant follow-up provided afterward are designed to implement the systems necessary in the practice in such an effective manner that you can absolutely count on them working month in and month out for the rest of the time you are in practice.

A Zuelke & Associates orthodontic consultation will teach you:

  • The ABC’s of risk identification.
  • How to design and use a patient history document that identifies your patients/parents’ maturity and stability, the cornerstone indicator of risk.
  • How to use credit bureau reports to properly evaluate credit-worthiness.
  • Verbal skills and patient flow techniques that get your patients committed to treatment while also generating outstanding financial arrangements.
  • To have a liberal and flexible practice financial policy that enables more of your patients to accept treatment without increasing delinquency.

  • How to accept insurance assignment efficiently.
  • How to conduct delinquency control activity in a manner that will collect past due amounts while maintaining a quality relationship with the patient/parent.
  • How to have and maintain proper staffing levels with job descriptions that are effective and motivating to your team.
  • How to instill a team spirit among your staff.
  • How to remain independent of Managed Care/PPO’s.

By implementing these techniques, you’ll realize these benefits:

  • An efficient credit management system.
  • Greatly increased cash flow.
  • Increased case acceptance and production.
  • Reduced delinquency. Our clients’ bad debt loss is less than ¼% (.0025) of production!

  • Healthy accounts receivable in an appropriate ratio to your production.
  • Improved office communications among patients, doctor and staff.
  • Greater patient satisfaction and an impeccable quality of life within the practice.

You’ll receive comprehensive orthodontic consultation services, including:

  • A minimum of three days on-site at your office.
  • A comprehensive analysis of your practice’s administrative and credit management procedures.
  • Comprehensive training of your administrative staff with the Zuelke & Associates philosophy.

  • The implementation of each of our time-tested techniques.
  • A detailed training manual (a written report), designed specifically for you, that details every recommendation we have made for your practice.
  • Intensive “no limit” telephone support following the consultation.